Obsolescence Management

Aerospace and Defense Obsolescence Management

Legacy Systems Life Extension

The reality of constrained budgets and cost reductions often dictates that Aerospace and defense programs utilize systems well beyond their intended life span. Our experience has shown that the older the system is, the more difficult it is to maintain mission critical components. Often the original builder of the components is no longer interested in supporting the program or no longer in business. Obsolescence, low volume production runs, and lack of legacy engineering expertise all become obstacles that must be overcome to sustain a program beyond its intended life span. 


Phoenix Logistics has an obsolescence analysis process that guarantees a response within 36 hours to any pending or critical obsolescence issue. Our proposal — provided within 36 hours of receipt of a customer problem description — includes an initial engineering assessment, supply chain assessment (viability) and proposed prioritization of work to cure the problem.

Our reputation for solving obsolescence problems goes back to the early 1990's when F-16 program personnel identified a critical shortage related to a supply chain issue (supplier bankruptcy). In four months, PLI redesigned, qualified and began production lines for the 4 components (well ahead of schedule and proposed costs). Subsequently, a testament to customer satisfaction, PLI has become a primary supplier of over 130 components on the F16.

Since our successes on F16, we have taken on obsolescence issues on C130, V22 and H60 platforms. PLI was recently highlighted in a quarterly DMS conference for a leading aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) whereby PLI presented our Obsolescence Management processes and capabilities. Obsolescence Management / DMS is one of our core market focus areas and PLI has the tools, personnel and infrastructure to solve the obsolescence challenges faced by our A&D customers.

Through knowledgeable manufacturing services and innovative techniques such as acquisition of obsolete product lines and low volume spares and repairs management, PLI overcomes obsolescence obstacles and provides mission critical avionics components and solutions to support legacy systems.

We're experts in low-volume, high-mix production, efficient management of low volume spares, and redesign, replacement, repair, and upgrade of obsolete avionics components and subsystems.

Spares and Repairs

Spares and repairs are a critical issue with low volume legacy systems. Often the original system is no longer in production, and finding a suitable supplier is next to impossible. Avionics systems and data transmission components are often so dated that no one seems to know how to repair them anymore.

At Phoenix Logistics, Inc., we specialize in managing spares and repairs for low volume legacy systems. We identify the critical avionics components of each system and set up a team dedicated to the design, manufacture, repair and/or replacement of these components. When possible we populate the team with some of the original engineering talent that designed the system and dedicate them to serving field support of the system.
 Our services include full ECO activity, design, reverse engineering, upgrades, and replacement of obsolete components.

We are experienced in:

  • Programming
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Qualification Testing
  • Chassis Fabrication
  • Multi Layer Circuit Card Assy
  • Re-Engineering
  • Document Control

Through knowledgeable manufacturing services and innovative techniques, PLI offers cost effective possibilities for maintaining legacy systems with spares and repairs.

Obsolete Product Line Acquisition

Through acquisition of obsolete product lines, in support of specific Military and Aerospace legacy systems, we provide comprehensive support to maintain systems beyond their expected life span.

PLI acquires the product line, establishes customer service — including the design and manufacture of obsolete components — and depending on the structure of the product line acquisition, often returns a royalty payment to the original owner.

In the mid 1990's, PLI acquired a line of RF microwave cable assemblies from Raychem Corporation in order to support several defense programs. The line is still running today supporting the OEM. We acquired the Metcal high frequency soldering unit product line solely to support the E-8C Joint Stars Aircraft. One of our largest acquisitions was the manufacturing rights to a full ship-based ECM system that was designed in the mid 1980's.

Acquisition of obsolete product lines is just one more way Phoenix Logistics, Inc. provides innovative solutions to the challenge of supporting legacy systems through their life and beyond.

OSP 2 Hole Floating Flange Mount Cable Jack, Crimp Attachment
Radio Frequency transmission line switch
HN Connector RF, Mitered Right Angle
Keyed 270 Degree ETNC Connector, Mitered Right Angle Plug attached to corrugated cable



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