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DB-H D50000-XXX MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus Harnesses


Phoenix Logistics designs and manufactures complete MIL- STD-1553 coupler harnesses for defense and aerospace 1553 networking applications. We work closely with our customers to help define and design custom harnesses for their 1553 networking applications. We provide best in industry lead times of 6-10 weeks from concept to production delivery.

Coupler harnesses can be configured to any customer requirements and can have as many stub legs as needed. Harness configurations can be built using a variety of standard MIL-1553 connectors such as MIL-STD-D38999 series I,II,III, TRB/TRT Twinax/Triax Miniature Plugs and Jacks, TRS,TTM Twinax/Triax Miniature Plugs and Jacks, Discrete Twinax/Triax bayonet and threaded versions, Twinax/Triax Contacts Per MIL-STD-39029 sizes 5,8,9,12, EPX , Arinc 400,600, Solder Tacs, Etc.

Harnesses can have complete customization of identification markings and can be marked using a variety of marking methods. Thermal transfer shrink sleeve marker printing, Mylar thermal wrap-around label marking, or permanent laser marking directly on the cable with our in-house Control Micro Systems Laser Wire Marking, Stripping, and Cutting System, are all available.

Phoenix Logistics has the capability to fully qualify to a variety of Standards and Specification requirements of MIL-STD-1553.

Standards and Specifications

J-STD-004 Soldering Fluxes

J-STD-006 Electronic Grade Solder Alloys and Fluxed or Non-Fluxed Solid Solders

ASTM B16 Brass, Rod, Free-Cutting, Bar and Shapes for use in Screw Machines

ASTM B196 Copper-Beryllium Alloy, Rod and Bar

ASTM B545 Coatings, Electrodeposited Tin


Standard Test Method for TML and CVCM from Outgassing in a Vacuum Environment

NASA Ref 1124 Outgassing Data for Selecting Spacecraft Materials

MIL-STD-1553B Aircraft Internal Time Division Command/ Response Multiplex Data Bus

SAE AS85485 Cable, Electric, Filter Line, Radio Frequency Absorptive

USAF 8340707 MIL-STD-1553 Data Bus System Components

MIL-PRF-21038 Transformer, Pulse, Low Power

MIL-PRF-39007 Resistors, Fixed, Wire-Wound

MIL-STD-129 Marking for Shipment and Storage

MIL-STD-130 Identification Marking of U.S. Military Property

ISO10012-1 Calibration System Requirements

ANSI/ASQ Z1.4 Sampling Procedure

MIL-STD-202 Test Methods for Electronic and Electrical Component Parts

MIL-HDBK-454 General Guidelines for Electronic Equipment

MIL-STD-810 Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests

ANSI/EIA 364 Electrical Connector Test Procedure

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