PLI Engineering Intern Program

Phoenix Logistics believes developing young engineering talent and inspiring young people to pursue careers in engineering is vital to the future of America.

PLI has always prided itself on its American based engineering and manufacturing capabilities and has reached out to local institutions such as ASU as well as other U.S. higher education institutions to promote its training and internship programs for young engineers. Intern candidates receive a wealth of experience from 3D CAD drafting to hands on soldering and circuit design in our Electronics Rapid Prototyping Lab. They are exposed to the rigorous requirements of an AS9100 Aerospace and Defense design and manufacturing environment as well as the detail and documentation necessary for space-level engineering.

PLI's most recent intern Morgan, had this to say about his experience at PLI: "Working as an intern this summer at Phoenix Logistics, Inc. (PLI) was a great experience. I was able to blend many of the theoretical aspects that I have learned over the past three years at North Carolina State University (NCSU) with practical applications in a systems level context. At PLI I could be immersed into integrated design both from a Line Replaceable Unit (LRU) and aircraft structure perspective. I used my CAD skills to model an integration kit for a commercial aircraft in my first week on the job. Later, I worked in the engineering lab to test circuitry that had been developed for an airborne telemetry system. Throughout, I was exposed to systems engineering processes that helped me understand requirements decomposition and Integrated Product Team (IPT) roles. After three years of learning to the mathematics related to compressibility and supersonic thermal dissipation I was very happy to work in an environment that required close integration with IPT members like electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and even technical writing and project management. Overall, I learned that it takes a team of dedicated professionals to put a system together. I am honored to have worked with and learned from a great team of professionals at PLI."

Morgan was also inspired to create a short video to help get other students interested in engineering. We at PLI thank Morgan for his efforts and enthusiasm during his time at PLI!


PLI Intern Engineering Presentation from Phoenix Logistics on Vimeo.



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