PLI Launches Military Veteran Student Luncheon

Phoenix Logistics, Inc. (PLI) has launched a Military Veteran Student Luncheon to support the academic and career success of returning veterans. The luncheon program is spearheaded by the leadership team of PLI and grew out of collaboration with Col. Steven Weintraub, the Outreach Coordinator for the AZ Department of Veterans' Services.

Col. Weintraub's role as Outreach Coordinator includes working with universities, colleges and several other educational institutions throughout the state to assist them in providing support to their student veteran programs. He is responsible for overseeing the Arizona Veterans Supportive Campus program throughout the State of Arizona. By becoming certified as an Arizona Veteran Supportive Campus, schools commit to a specified criteria established by the State of Arizona designed to ensure student veterans receive the support and resources to succeed academically.

As a defense engineering and manufacturing company PLI has long supported veterans' causes, and believes that the support of the business community is crucial to the successful reintegration of veterans. The monthly luncheons will provide military veteran students with an introduction to the aerospace and defense industry and will provide networking opportunities to speak directly with military veterans who are also leaders in the aerospace industry.

The first Military Veteran Student Luncheon is scheduled for February 21, 2014. If you are a military veteran student and are interested in attending or if you are a veteran working in a leadership position in the defense industry and would like to attend to provide advice and insight please contact us.



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